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The IDS-iSYS Insulin-like Growth Factor(IGF-I) Guide for Endocrinologists is the fastest, most up to date and portable way to access the reference range values for the IDS-iSYS IGF-I immunoassay. The reference range consists of 9000 samples collected from North America and Europe making it one of the largest studies of its kind. The assay is calibrated to the latest WHO international standard 02/254.

This new app allows endocrinologists to rapidly access the reference value for the particular age and sex of the patient under examination. The app can be used on the iPhone and iPad. The app is the first in a series of educational and interpretive clinical tools to enhance the utility of the IDS-iSYS growth disorder test panel.
The IDS-iSYS IGF-I Guide for Endocrinologists, allows Endocrinologists to:
· Check the centile values by age and gender
· Visually see the patients reference range position on the gender specific nomogram
· Access the latest information as sample populations are updated
· Access the IDS website and Technical Support Teams